Barrell Craft Artale Single Barrel Tokaji Finished Whiskey 750mL

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Another first for our single barrel program is here and we could not be more excited to share it with you.  For this pick, we were approached to split a single barrel of Barrell Craft Tokaji wine finished whiskey with The Distance Social which is a great whiskey and craft cocktail lounge in Dundee, IL (314 N River Street).  This is our first barrel to combine our love of whiskey and wine, and after tasting it, we could not pass up this opportunity.  

The base of this barrel is 14yr Kentucky light whiskey, 18yr Kentucky corn whiskey, and a blend of Indiana and Kentucky rye and bourbon whiskeys.  That blend was then filled into a single Tokaji wine barrel to bring this cuvee together for a truly unique single barrel.  For those unfamiliar, Tokaji is traditionally a sweet dessert wine from Hungary.  Made with similar production method as other more well known dessert wines like Sauternes and Vin Santo, this flavorful wine barrel adds rich and elegant flavors to the final product.

For the whiskey itself, aromas of honey, toffee, manadarin oranges, peaches, and lilac lead the way.  A combination of fresh cut lumber and dark charred oak deliver plenty of wood character.  Rye and cinnamon spice shine as well.  On the palate, a rich oily texture immediately coats the palate, showcasing flavors of citrus, molasses, honey, and caramel.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, espresso, light smoke, and spicy rye linger on the back end.  The elegance of flavors is so impressive especially at 126 proof, the heat of this barrel is restrained and adds layers of depth that keep you enjoying sip after sip.  Barrell Craft continues to lead the way in sourcing and blending within the whiskey industry and we are thrilled to have this one of a kind offering on our shelves.