BFM Brut des Franches Biere Brut 750ml

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Swiss Biere Brut | 8% abv

Brewed in 2015

The sparkling ale of the BFM. Spicy and woody, with a strong bite in the mouth, this precious sparkling liquid solves all your problems of luck in games and in love, timidity and bewitchment, thanks to its magic formula added during the expedition.

The base beer is a blend of 3 long aged saison √225 (aged in vin jaune, smoked, and classic version). Revisited and disgorged by the house of Mauler in Môtiers, Switzerland. There is also a secret mix of BFM beers and a pinch of sugar, conferring all its nobility to the Brut des Franches.

The Champagne like conditioning and sparkling really brings out new fragrances, that is very unique from the base barrel aged beer.

About BFM:
The Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) started in 1997, and has been one of the pillars of the Swiss craft beer renaissance ever since. BFM's range of bottle-conditioned, top- and bottom-fermented beers is as staunchly original as our region. The Franches-Montagnes (ancient French for "Free Mountains") are part of the Jura Mountains, along the North-Western Border of Switzerland.