BroVo Lucky Falernum

Developed by Danny Shapiro of Scofflaw, Heavy Feather, Sink-Swim and Slippery Slope in Chicago IL USA, Lucky Falernum is the high-proof falernum you didn’t know you always wanted. Weighing in at 70 Proof, the liquor is infused with ginger, lime, pineapple, star anise, and other delicious ingredients.

We blend cane neutral spirit with an aged 3 year old Barbadian Rum then separate into two tanks. In one tank we infuse the fruit- orange, lime and pineapple. In the second tank we infuse control spices- ginger, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice among others. We sweeten the liqueur with a turbinado syrup we make from Maui Raw sugar. The syrup is mixed in a 1;1 ratio. This is the sweetest product we make, and has a significant viscosity.