BroVo Orange Curacao

Orange liqueurs aren’t very sexy. They are the soccer moms of the liqueur world, helping everything out, but not really shining on their own.

We aim to change that. We spent two years working on an orange liqueur. We wanted to make the margarita shine.

After all that R&D, we ended up with a curacao. It combines neutral cane spirit, with a 2 year old French brandy and a little neutral grain spirit for edge. We add three orange types- sweet from California’s central valley, laraha oranges from Curacao and Valencia oranges from Spain. We add coriander, clove, hibiscus and vanilla to the mix, then sweeten with a turbinado simple syrup made from Maui Raw Sugar. As a final stage, we add a vegetable based glycerin to add to the mouthfeel.

The result is a sweet, rich curacao with lots of flavor.