Driftless Glen Artale & Norwegian Single Barrel Straight Bourbon 750mL

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Single Barrel Straight Bourbon
96 Proof
6+ year

In 2020, we picked a Driftless Glen barrel that many of our customers still ask us about. With a unique mash bill of 60% corn, 20% rye, and 20% barley, our bourbon barrel quickly became a fan favorite. Baraboo provides a bountiful region rich with peat, bogs, an amazing aquifer, and uncommon sandy soil grains to grow, making the profile of Driftless Glen's spirits completely their own. Bourbon is the American spirit and as we see distilleries all over the country make artfully distilled and aged bourbon, we begin to see how impactful different climates have on the final product. And we have really grown to love what Driftless Glen adds to the bourbon scene.
But we are not the only place in Rockford that appreciates what Driftless Glen has to offer. The Norwegian (1402 N Main St) has also picked a barrel before, so it made sense that we all headed to Baraboo together for this fun project. The Norwegian is a favorite of ours in town for their talented kitchen and bar staff, seasonal weekend menus, and just being wonderful people. We are thrilled to see such a thoughtfully put together restaurant not only survive in Rockford but thrive.
Aged for 6+ years, with a mash bill of 60% corn, 20% rye, and 20% barley, this is the first barrel pick we have done that will not be cask strength. While tasting, all of us knew we had found our barrel after adding a few splashes of water. The lower proof point brings out flavors of vanilla, cherry, and caramel, while pulling back on the intense wood character to make this a very pleasing drinker.