Hanssens Oude Gueuze 375ml

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Belgian Gueuze | 6% abv

Bottled December 2017

Blend of 1, 2, and 3 year old lambic. After blending the Gueuze is bottled, corked and stored in the cellar for secondary fermentation at 50 -55 degrees F for over one year.

Hanssens Artisanaal is the oldest independent geuze blender in the whole world. At Hanssens, no beer is actually brewed! Instead, they pursue a profession that was very important in the history of lambic style beers, they are solely blenders of beer. Hanssens blends batches from different Lambic breweries in their area. This used to be a very common practice, but Hanssens is now the oldest remaining blender. They bring to this endeavor a variety of barrels, some up to one hundred years old, and a passion and a love for the tradition of Geuze and Lambics. They will also add whole fruits to some of their beers, to make even more flavorful blends.