Is Was Wisp Smoked Saison w/ Brett 500ml

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Saison | 5.9% abv

Smoked Saison brewed with Stjørdal malt kilned over Alder wood fires and bottle conditioned with brettanomuces Claussenii.

Wisp is an evolving enigma that features Stjørdal malted barley from Sugar Creek Malt. Stjørdal malt is created in a traditional Nordic process of drying the malt over Alder wood fires. This process imparts a unique smoke character that evolves as you get deeper into your glass. At first you will get aromas of Alder smoke, persimmon, raisins and dates but as your pallet acclimates to the smoke you’ll discover notes of freshly tilled earth, grilled peaches, roasted strawberries, honeysuckle, black pepper, and clove. The body is delightfully light and the finish is pleasantly clean and succinct.