Marz Outre Kombucha 500ml


Barrel-Aged Kombucha | Non-Alcoholic

Outré Kombucha is an exploratory single origin barrel aged kombucha program being carefully crafted in the cellar at Marz Community Brewing. Using high quality organic tea as a base, these probiotic and antioxidant rich sparkling beverages act as a focused conduit of fermented tea flavor perfectly harnessing the bright pear and apple of our house culture.


Rooibos: The same single origin Rooibos tea used in Jungle Boogie fermented in their Kombucha barrel system until it bubbled to an extraordinary peach flavor

Jade Oolong: Jade Oolong tea from the Tung Ting mountain in Nantou County, Taiwan. A highly prized tea, Jade Oolongs are a beautiful deep green in appearance, with large, tightly rolled leaves. Once infused, these lightly oxidized leaves gradually unfurl to release their essential oils. Jade Oolongs are known for their fresh green-floral aroma, sweet flavor, and clean, delicate mouthfeel.

Jasmin Pearl: A perfumy, hand-rolled jewel of tea from Fuding, in Fujian province, China. Any fan of Jasmine Pearl tea should try this specially crafted wonder. When added to hot water, Jasmine Pearls tea majestically unfurls, releasing its delicate scent and flavor. Also known as 'Jasmine Dragon Pearls', their liquor is sweet and almost sugary. Very soft, airy mouthfeel.