Movia Rebula Ribolla

2016 Vintage- The name Ribolla (in Italian) stems from “ribollire”, meaning to re-boil. The Bora wind in the littoral cooled the cellars before the wine must rich in sugars was able to fully ferment, stopping fermentation, only for the wine to then “re-boil” in the spring.

The Ribolla has an inviting golden to amber color, which speaks of longer skin contact. Nose is amazingly rich for Ribolla, with gooseberries and blackcurrants dominating over gentle piny and fine oaky notes. Very dry, medium bodied with touch of tannins and salty savory character and lot of life. This is a homage to Ribolla, the oldest variety in Brda. It is excellent to approach now, but will be great in next decade until 2025.

Rebula is served chilled to 9 or 10 degrees Celsius, accompanying saltwater fish as well as freshwater specialties such as trout or salmon, as well as oysters.